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Covid Q & A

What you are all asking

Covid Q & A Updated 12 May2022

First rule of covid club, there is no ...


There are now no restrictions whatsoever on flying into Madeira, or back to the UK.


Masks, as of 15 May, are mandatory only in health facilities, pharmacies, public transport and at the airport.

Basically thats it...

Other Questions

What happens if we test positive in Madeira?


It has happened, but it is very rare, and if you are testing before you come with NHS tests and know you have come without it then your chances of catching it here are far less than in the UK. However if it did, then you self isolate for 5 days, and only the person with the positive test has to.



Are you open as normal?


Pretty much. The Residence is chocca and the hotel is pretty full. The office is open as normal, although we have adjusted the work/life balance during all of this, so our doors don't open before 10am. Tuesday at 12 we are one team for the Guardian Weekend Quiz and Thursdays its an individual event. Wordle and Nerdle and Quordle keep Steve and Sabine calm, except when you hear one of them shouting 'thats not a word!'.



What about Masks?


Only for airports, public transport, chemists and most excursions. Still a lot of people wear them out of choice so you will blend in whatever your preference.