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Changing your week

You can change your week at The Residence, either within the same calendar year or bring weeks forward from the end of your contract. Availability is first come first served, and we normally release our availability in January each year for the following year. All we promise is an apartment type, e.g. One or Two Bedroom. Costs are €60 administration fee, plus €200 seasonal upgrade if you choose a higher banded week.

Please note that due to the huge numbers of Covid related moves, our internal exchange system is paused for 2021 as we work to slot in all of the weeks which have been delayed. However we hope to return to normal soon. 

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Swapping to The Algarve

Swapping to the Algarve gives more flexibility, with exchanges available November to March including one year after. Accommodation given is Sea View twin room with breakfast.

Exchanging to Serra Golf

Serra Golf is open and waiting for you. If you have never been, its our lovely little hotel in the hills, situated in Santo da Serra. It is perfect for golf and for walking, or if you just want a chilled week. Not only is it a very relaxing hotel, the exchange rules are also more relaxed, so for example it can be any arrival day, and as well as bringing weeks forward, you can hold weeks back by one year. So If you really can't take a holiday one year, you can move your week(s) to the following year. You can even split the week so for instance you could bring a week forward to wrap around your normal week, going to Serra Golf maybe Friday to Monday, come here for your normal week, then return there Monday to Friday. 



If the apartment you exchange is a studio, you get a hotel room for two with breakfast, and if its a One Bedroom or Two Bedroom, then you receive a hotel room for two with breakfast and dinner included. 


More details can be found in the Members Files, and to request an exchange, email Sabine or Clare.

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