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BBC Channels Gone

Alas BBC Entertainment and BBC World News have gone from our televisions. Our tv provider NOS has removed them from their list.

Double Discount Dates

We know you all love a bargain, Double discount dates for 22/23 have just been announced, including room rates for City Hotels.

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We have moved

Timeshare has a new home !!
You will find Cindy, Clare, John & Sabine in the shiny new office in the far side of reception.

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Brits can use eGates

Speeding things up

In a move to keep their important Uk arrivals happy and to speed up the airport experience, Portugal has announced that the eGates at arrivals Passport Control, previously only for EU guests, can now be used by British guests and some other countries. 


UK Gov advice is sensible in saying that you should keep your boarding passes and/or tickets, ideally in electronic firm. This way if there is any query about the 90 day rule and you haven't got passport stamps from going through a manual gate then this will help.



The 2022 AGM

The 2022 Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 20 July at 10am. Attendance is mandatory. Joke. Packs with audited accounts, proxy voting forms are in the post and if you can't wait to read them, there are copies in The Vault in the Library section of the website.



PortoBay Business Moods

Covid Q & A

And here we have the ever shrinking Covid Q&A. ..

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New flight routes UPDATE

New routes from Wizz Air and Jet2 updated to include Wizz Air Gatwick.

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Ryanair come to Madeira

Ryanair will be flying from Funchal to 10 destinations from Summer 2022 including Manchester and Stansted.

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Portofino Refurbishment

Bar Portofino has had a bit of a makeover.

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Even more Improvements

Not content with new fridges, we have more improvements in the pipeline.

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Please check your passport dates

It's Important

After two near misses of members getting on flights where they really shouldn't have, we don't want any of you to miss your holidays, so please double check your passport dates. It's not as simple as it used to be and according to The Independent, even the UK government has it wrong.


As of the UK leaving the EU, when you are entering the EU you have to follow the guidelines for entering the EU as a 3rd Country National. These rules state you need to have a 10 year passport, with at least 3 months validity after the expected end of your trip. Previously the UK was alone in issuing passports with longer than 10 years validity by giving you credit for any unused portion of your passport.  For example if you had 6 months left in your last passport when you applied for a new passport in 1 Nov 2011, you would get a passport valid from 1 Nov 2011 to 1 April 2022.


This is where confusion at the moment reigns. UK GOV takes both rules together and says in that example, that passport now is only valid in the EU until 1 Nov 2021. This would mean your passport would only be valid for trips up to 1 August 2021. However the Independent says the EU High Commission confirmed that the rules are separate, you need a passport that is under 10 years, and separately you need to have 3 months of validity. In other words, in that example, you can arrive in Portugal up to 31 October.


Yes we are all confused, and as airlines generally check the UK GOV guidelines, its best to follow them.


You can find more information on the UK government website. However their recommendation of 6 months left doesn't actually make sense unless you are travelling for 3 months. The actual rule is 3 months as you can see on the Portuguese Government website




Apartment Improvements

You will be glad to know that the maintenance department have been making good use of the quiet times to make some improvements.

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Reception open again !

The Residence reception is now open every day, albeit at different times.

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QR Codes

Funchal now has 31 Streets with QR codes for tourists to read the history

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New Tourist board videos

The Madeira Tourist Board has released a raft of new promotional videos, the perfect thing to watch when you are missing Madeira

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Club 21

The story that will become part of PortoBay folklore, that time when the guests couldn't go home and stayed all winter.

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Safe To Discover

The tourist board's free app is the easiest way to access Madeira Safe, and it also gives points towards free experiences.

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ITV comes to Madeira

On 17 May UK flights to Madeira resumed, and Alison Hammond from ITV's 'This Morning' was on one of the first flights.

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UK Global Health Insurance Card

The UK government's replacement for the European EHIC card.

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Medical Insurance

Just a suggestion

We know you all feel that coming to Madeira is what keeps you fit and healthy, but we also know a lot of you have conditions that mean your insurance premiums rise quite considerably. One of our members was struggling to find well priced insurance cover due to cancer issues, and she helpfully sent us a link of a comparison website specifically for those with medical conditions which helped her to get cover for much less cost than the first few quotes she had received.


You can find the link here, hopefully you will find it helpful.