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Who knew someone had invented 'Choccy Scoffy', whoever it is we salute them, and to you who brought them into us, you know who you are, thank you xxx


Meat Lovers is back

Restaurant Med is now open every Wednesday for Meat Lovers, and also for a special Valentines 'One Night Love Song', more info as we get it.


Residence reception OPEN 7 DAYS FROM JANUARY !!

Residence reception is now open . .. Sundays from 3pm to 11pm, Mondays from 8am to 10pm, and the rest of the week from 0930 to 6pm. Outside of this, Porto Mare reception will continue to look after things. If you are leaving early on Monday morning the door will now be open from 0730 but please settle your bill the day before.


Golf Afternoon

John takes golfers of all levels, well except any really good ones, for a friendly cheap game of golf on a Friday afternoon. Let him know in advance and be in the office for 12.30 on Friday.


Double Discount

Double yay!! Double discount runs from 10 January all the way to 13 February this year, which means you get 30% off all your food and drinks in our hotels. Make sure you book up quickly, especially il Basilico.


Maintenance Fees

Just a reminder, deadline is already gone a long time ago !! Sabine's rates of interest are better than Wonga but 2% for January on top of 2% for December means what was €386 for One Bedroom maintenance is now €402, and two bedroom maintenance will cost you €459 instead of €441. Please make Sabine happy and give her a ring if you haven't paid yet.


Gold Cards

Can you check your gold card expiry dates and if they are running out either ask Clare when you are here or email before hand. The reservations system now checks if they are valid whereas previously it didn't matter.

Also you can again use your Gold Card when not staying in our hotels. Not that any of you would stay anywhere else, would you? If you do though, you can wave your gold card in il Basilico or wherever and get your discount.



News of the Week

Clare's informative weekly guide to What's On, and whats not...

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Sales Corner

A regularly revisited list of what might tempt you on the sales front.

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Members Golf Outing

Fancy a round? Every week we have a friendly informal round of golf at Palheiro, with special prices including everything.

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