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Feeling Special


Membership of The Residence means guaranteeing your perfect stay. We offer 5 and 10 year contracts, where you choose the ideal apartment at the time of year to best suit you, whether that is for one week or more. If you want flexibility, we can do that too, with the ability to move weeks around, upgrade apartment type, or bring forward from the end of your contract.

Confidence is important, and we have a reputation that will reassure you. We have been open since 2003, and have welcomed a few thousand members who have come for a look, liked what they saw and purchased their little slice of heaven. Our contracts are in clear English and everything is covered in detail. Maintenance fee increases are only approved by our members, and they are actually less than they were in 2013.

Vila Porto Mare - Il Basilico Restaurant

Find out more

The best way to find out if membership at The Residence is for you, is to see it. If you are here in resort, we can arrange a personal presentation for you with one of our sales team. This would be an informal chat where we can explain to you how it all works, and show you the weeks and apartments we have available. There would be no pressure to join, simply an offer we hope tempts you.

If you want to book a presentation, you can call Joanna from within the hotel on 6540, or by mobile +351968779610, or send an email to make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

The Residence - One Bedroom